Saturday, 14 May 2016

Weekend Reflections: #Manchester #daytripper Southport

My freelance writing day was Thursday this past week but as it was so sunny, I put my pen and paper in my day pack and hopped onto the 0844 train at Manchester Victoria.  Northern Rail wove its way through lush green parts of Salford and Lancashire. By 1004 I was at the coast in a swelteringly hot Southport (22°C and rising).

More on that another day- it’s mostly an elegant 19th Century resort with some tasteful modern trappings, with beach, pier and a vintage amusement arcade. A coastal path takes you among reeds, river and sand, flutterbys, natterjack toads, bunnies and birds and much more. 

Sefton Borough Council have done well to minimise Southport from being a typical chintzy British seaside town full of chips, candy floss and tack, but it’s there if you want it, as in this photo!

Taking part in Weekend Reflections.


  1. It occurs to me that our definitions of swelteringly hot are different! Good reflection.

  2. Do not fear, this Aussie has her bags packed for Blighty, I can do sweltering hot at 22 degrees, it is what I tell my friends here is 'British good'! Actually, we're two weeks off winter and we're at around 22 degrees here in Melbourne.
    Running now, in case you throw your candy floss stick at me!
    Wren z


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