Thursday, 26 May 2016

#CitiesofHope on Tariff Street

The Cities of Hope festival this week is attracting much attention. Street art is an empowering act of protest and awareness raising.   Each of the international artists working in Manchester this week is driven by different social issues demanding our (the people - and the government)  immediate action and input; environment, homelessness, gay rights, sustainability and more.

It's arranged by Vestige, a not for profit social justice organisation, that uses the Arts to inspire action on the social issues that define our time and support the work of agencies that champion these.

“From its beginning, Street Art has championed the oppressed, standing defiant in the face of injustice as the voice of the powerless. Street Artists are beacons of hope, champions of the struggles that many would rather ignore.” Cities of Hope


  1. I know that the post was to illustrate (sorry!) Street Art, but what I find equally interesting are some of the street names in the formerly industrial areas of Manchester. Tariff Street - very evocative.

    1. Even more evocative when you have been to The Whisky Jar there John ;-) with uncovered street numbers from a bygone era, will post those another day.

    2. Although I'm not a whiskey man I'll be keeping an eye out for that one, thanks Chrissie.

  2. Huuiiii… this is really scary mural, but beautiful.

  3. That mural certainly does demand your attention!

  4. That is fantastic! Doing it on brick, must have made it much more difficult to do.
    I don't think that most people realize how important these folks have been throughout history.


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