Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Monday Mural. #streetart #citiesofhope #manchester

Monday evenings in the western world don’t have to be ones of drudgery and domesticity. We were off for a self guided tour of Ancoats and the Northern Quarter to track down street artists taking part on the current Cities of Hope street art event taking place in Manchester.

International street artists, lectures talks and discussions all week. Creative and empowering, watch this mural evolve as Dale Grimshaw from Accrington transforms the space on Spear Street. I’ll be posting before and after pics here all week so keep tuned in.

Monday Mural.


  1. looking forward to updates on the progress of this!

  2. Now that is serious tagging using a man lift like that. Seriously it shows how seriously they take their art

  3. Fortunately he has no fear of heights :)

  4. When it is finished, it is certainly gorgeous.

  5. Interesting to see it at this early stage.


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