Thursday, 12 May 2016

More hours please...

Dear diary, it's been a varied few days- amazing walk up Mount Snowdon on Sunday followed by exploring the area and rounded off with a drink and meal watching the sunset over Conwy Marina. Near perfection!

A Veggie BBQ with the family on Monday night, an impromptu , make food while the sun shines thang.

Great Manchester People's Assembly Against Austerity Meeting on Tuesday with two inspiring Zimbabwean asylum seekers from WAST, spurring us all on to do more and pushing the Convoy To Calais refugee action on 18 June (more on this later).

The PhD students at RNCM gave some fascinating talks in the Research Forum on Weds including some real avant garde stuff - photo above.

Today I'm grabbing the last of the summer in spring sun on my day off- catching a train to the coast at Southport as soon as I post this. But back in time for Horsebeach and other bands at Night and Day tonight. Also want to get to some of the 25 events on this evening as part of Manchester After Hours. Not enough hours in the day...

1 comment:

  1. It does sound like you're exceedingly busy. I'd love to have a go at Snowdon someday.


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