Sunday, 29 May 2016

Busy bee - BBC, Bethnal Green, Betley village

 Betley in east Cheshire

It’s been a fast and furious, fun and emotional, inspiring and promising start to the bank holiday weekend. I left work in Manchester early on Friday afternoon to get to the far flung suburbs of west London, for a BBC reunion. Amazing that I hadn’t seen most of the people there since George Orwell's infamous year, an eon ago. A 1984 BBC promo video of where we worked in Equipment Dept is here.

What lovely warm people they (moi aussi!) all grew into to. We were all so young back then, finding ourselves, a bundle of hormones and angst, failed by the education system and thrown into dead end jobs at 16-18. But we all seem to have found happiness and success in our own ways.

Saturday morning it was a dash across London to Rise at Bethnal Green for the inspiring Dangerous Times Festival. Great speaker such as Tariq Ali, Lyndsey German. Natalie Bennett, Clare Solomon and Kate Hudson, debating many topics, from Lexit to Trident, unions to reclaiming the media.

Had to leave early to head homewards, well to Betley village in Cheshire in fact, where it was a dear colleague’s 50th.

Late train from Crewe to Manchester and happily in bed by midnight with a glow of amazing memories of past, present and future people and politics buzzing in my head.

Plenty on the cards for today - off to the Peaks for a walk, but started with breakfast on the balcony and writing this- enjoy the sunshine my Mancunian friends and honorary Mancunian readers!


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