Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday Mural: Chameleon Youth

This week's Monday Mural promotes the Chameleon Youth. They are recruiting young people, age 11 to 18, to join their new youth dance company for Manchester. 

Dance experience is by no means essential; they are looking for a real mix of abilities – from loads of experience to no experience. What’s most important is a big desire to dance and be creative. This is an opportunity to… 

· Develop dance skills through an exceptional programme of classes 
· Understand the workings of a professional dance theatre company 
· Learn about producing professional dance theatre for stage 
· Take part in a wide-range of performance opportunities 

In the run up to the launch of Chameleon Youth they're running free Taster Sessions at Manchester Central Library. For any further information please visit the website or contact Natalie Davies (Learning & Participation Officer) on:


  1. What a contrast between mural and dancers!

  2. Great photos Chrissy! It sounds like a great program. I'd need an ambulance if bent backwards that far.

  3. Great action shots (and great light!)


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