Thursday, 19 May 2016

#Electric50 #MDMA #BobDylan @MDMArchive

I was aiming for a vintage 1966 scrappy, almost watercolour post-effect for this photo of Poppycock. A sense of the mood that Tuesday night conveyed to me, of history and heritage, of wistfulness and excitement, more than trying to take a perfect close up concert photo- I’ll leave that to the experts with front row access and expensive cameras! 

Wow, Tuesday was 50 years ago to the day, 17 May 1966, that Bob Dylan played Manchester Free Trade Hall in what become known as the Judasgig. First half of acoustic songs went swimmingly then unhappiness among the 2,000 audience when the second half of electric songs were played. Someone shouted Judas, the rest is history

Manchester District Music Archive (MDMA) recreated the entire set at Academy 3 last night with a different act performing each song. All introduced by the legendary north westerners that are Andy Kershaw and CP Lee, it was marvellous to hear so many reinterpretations of the Dylan songs, as well as to hear snippets of history form documentaries the two made about the gig in 1999 when the bootleg versions of the concert was finally released officially. The final number was a case of as many on stage as possible to sing Like a Rolling Stone. I really enjoyed the gig and was impressed there were a few veterans there who were also at the original gig. Mymuso mate Dave was at the original one but not Tuesday night’s.


  1. I certainly do like the effect of your shot.

  2. It looks vintage to me! I would LOVE to have been at the original concert.


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