Friday, 20 May 2016

#SkywatchFriday: #Daytripper to #Snowdon

Two Sundays ago we headed off at 7 a.m. from Manchester city centre along the A55 North Wales coastal road. Two hours later were at the foot of Mount Snowdon, tallest mountain in Wales (and taller than anything in its eastern neighbour of England too). 1,085 metres (3,560 ft).

After the unexpected rain dissipated we started our attempt on summit. Up the Llanberis path along with dozens of others of all ages and shapes, children and dogs, the fit and the less fit.

It was an amazing three hour walk to the top, with natural view points along the way and every time you turned around you would be taken aback by the distance and beauty. Incredible views westwards along the Llyn Peninsular and southward along the west coast. After a break in the café at the top we came down via one of the other paths- the miners’ track. 

It felt like you were up in the sky at times so I felt this would make a good post for Skywatch Friday.


  1. Gorgeous pics Chrissy. A day to remember :)

  2. What a view! Superb images!
    I have seen and learned something new. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What gorgeous views! Thanks for sharing. Used to live in Manchester for about 8 years, so lots of nostalgic seeing the pics :)

  4. Absolutely magnificent! I'd love to have a go at it myself. I know there's a challenge out there about tackling the three peaks of Wales, England, and Scotland within twenty four hours.

    1. Yes, the three peaks challenge. Think I'll space them out rather than all in 24 hours!Do u have a similar challenge in Canada?

    2. There are a couple of them that I know of- one out west in the Rockies, where I've climbed, but never did that. There's also one in the Cape Breton highlands in Nova Scotia.

  5. Really nice photos Chrissy! Three hours up and three hours down. You are in pretty good shape to tackle that.


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