Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Cottage 'cross the Mersey

Cottage in the suburbs – Ashton on Mersey has some lovely housing surprises such as this little cottage on Dumber Lane, near the river.

It’s back to work for everyone today- I hope your May Day holiday weekend was as fun-packed and busy as mine- The Beat Back Soup Kitchen gig on Thursday (see last week's Mancunian Wave posts!) then a happy day in Liverpool on Friday: Matisse at the Tate, amazing Thai food at Chilli Banana on Lark Lane and a great gig at the Buyers Club – young Liverpudlian bands Mamatung and She Drew the Gun were, at times, breath-taking.

Saturday was the successful and inspiring Manchester Trades Council May Day march and associated events. Followed by my going to see ancient prog rockers Yes at the Apollo where I made some new friends - always great to see another woman into that genre- hiya Candy!

Sunday was domestic chores plus editing BDXC Communication before we went to the last evening of the Hebden Bridge Burlesque festival- all new to me and an eye opener into another world- part counter culture, par retro, part something uncategorisable.

Monday was catching up with emails and updating the Manchester People’s Assembly site, before a nice afternoon stroll in sunshine, past the above for a walk along the Mersey. So it seems that I walked along both ends of the Mersey this weekend as well as plenty of exciting activities in between. You could say that I'm tired now - maybe kinda Mersey beat? ;-) (groan...)


  1. Hi Chrissy! Beautiful cottage there - you sound awfully busy! I'm a bit confused, so pardon my ignorance...I know the Mersey is famous in Liverpool, but does it run all the way to Manchester? Still wondering if I should stop by your way beginning of July.


    1. Yes the River Mersey ends in Liverpool but starts in Stockport and meanders through Manchester, not very widely, before it reaches its more famous section! Would be delighted to show you around Manchester or also happy to meet in Liverpool- see what suits your plans nearer the time.


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