Thursday, 5 January 2012

North Star state of mind

The North Star Deli in Chorlton cum Hardy is a great place to buy quality and varied foods and food related items. It's also a good place to eat, chat and linger over a coffee amongst the squashy red vinyl bench-seats (not in photo).
North Star have now informed me that their " bench is pink leather rather than red vinyl - nearly blew our opening budget! ;-)"...

As someone who lived in Chorlton cum Hardy for 10 years (the "cum Hardy" seems to have sadly been dropped these days?) I can confirm that Chorlton is not only a place but also a state of mind, and this is a typically Chorltonite place, full of academics, artists, students, mums and babies.

North Star also opened a branch in the city centre's Northern Quarter last month.


  1. I just love this sort of places!

  2. This is my kind of place. But I'm afraid I'd spend too much time there - eating, drinking, and arguing with academics! :-)

  3. Pink leather benches!! definitely sounds like a place I could chat and linger. I love all those tea-pots in the display cabinet - I'll have the lime green pot with earl-grey tea and two sugar
    thanks Chrissy.

  4. How wonderful where alike is possible !

    Please have a good Friday.

  5. Thanks for the comments, I'd love to serve you all with tea and cakes- maybe one day you'll visit Manchester and I can ;-)

  6. I am off to London for a few days next week, and I will make sure I have ONE afternoon tea, with scones etc. !:)
    And I will get a shopping list from my husband, to buy a bit of English food that we can not get here in Norway......
    I like the tea pots, both the colorful and the others with modern design!