Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy Mondays: Cornerhouse cultural cornerstone

The Cornerhouse arts centre on a wet evening - it's the two buildings on the left and centre. It is controversially moving to new premises about five minutes walk away on First Street in a couple of years.

I need only turn to Wikipedia for a perfect description: Cornerhouse is located in the heart of Manchester’s cultural corridor on Oxford Road, housing three floors of contemporary art galleries, three screens showing the best of independent cinema, a bar, café and a bookshop. Since it opened in 1985, Cornerhouse has been at the forefront of Manchester’s vibrant cultural scene.


  1. I remember many a visit to Manchester on such evenings, a lovely stroll down memory lane.
    Thanks :)

  2. Wow cinema, bar, galleries, cafe and bookshop all in one place, sounds like heaven!

  3. What a wonderful picture that is ! And yes, I would probably spend way too much time and money inside ;) Thank you very much for your comment and careful looking at the newspaper.

    Please have a good Tuesday ahead.

  4. Fantastic place, saw a film there in 1999, Beau Travail... the projector cauught fire! And still the film continued, I had to go and tell them what was happening!

  5. Went there once on a Sunday shortly after it opened. Alas parked my car under a railway bridge around the corner and came back to find it had been broken into.