Friday, 24 October 2014

Skywatch Friday: under the rainbow

My contribution to Skywatch Friday this week is a rainbow that I saw from my balcony in mid-week. It was a blustery day, caused by the tale end of Hurricane Gonzalo.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thursday Challenge: Home

This year is the Thursday Challenge meme's 10-year anniversary. It's the first time Mancunian Wave has taken part. Each week there is a different, often straightforward theme. Last week's was "Happy". This week's subject is "Home" so I thought I would share part of my bedroom and home office space with you! I am as inquisitive as the next person and like to see how people have designed and used their special spaces. The wall hanging arrived this week from Latvia and is, I believe, a 1970s' Scandinavian design.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

ABC Wednesday: October onset, On set

ABC Wednesday reaches the letter "O" and there is filming on Harter Street and elsewhere in the Northern Quarter and King Street all this week. Manchester doubles up as 1920s New York for the film Genius, with Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Dominic West, Guy Pearce and Colin Firth (release date is in 2016).

On Sunday they had to use fake rain but a Mancunian rain shower on Monday helped them out. I am afraid I am going to break the City Daily Photo (singular) rule today and give you the photos that I snapped while wandering around on the set, mostly on Harter Street, with the last one on Mangle Street.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Today: #SaveLibraryWalk versus the council. @savelibrarywalk

The Friends of Library Walk  want to save the special place that is Library Walk (see photo below left as it was from the 1930s until this autumn) from the council’s proposals to gate and glaze it. The scheme is unnecessary and a waste of money. As a Friend of Library Walk I too oppose the privatisation of public space and want to protect a much loved right of way!

The Public Inquiry starts today 21 October from 10.00 at the Council Chambers in Manchester Town Hall. It is also taking place tomorrow, 22 October.  Please attend if you can- sadly I have to be at work but will be there in heart and mind. 

Manchester CIty Council have stolen the public's space of Library Walk - an elegant sweep and a link between Albert and St Peter's Squares; they have wasted millions of pounds in the process. People objected in large numbers when plans were released a few years back but the council ignored us. Hopefully sense will prevail and the sorry out-of-keeping monstrosity, let alone the fact it is an obstruction, will be taken down. Those responsible for ignoring the public will should surely foot the bill, not the tax payers.

Before, for the past 80 years; and right and above, as it is now.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday Mural: John Cooper Clarke

On Blackfriar's Road in Salford, John Cooper Clarke by Stewy. The legendary Salfordian punk poet is now 65 yet still pretty much looks like this- some achievement. Taking part in the Monday Mural.

the house on nowhere street is one of many JCC poems that I like. Here are two verses from it.

    "...the trempling tongues he once enjoyed
    talk behind his back
    tell me he was self employed
    he gave himself the sack
    he's on the scrounge in the cocktail lounge
    where once he wined and dined
    a thousand eyeballs shake him down
    from the pale blue bamboo blind

    the music will continue
    there is no way out
    bone muscle and sinew
    begin to move about
    whip that sucker with a heavy back beat
    you gotta be cool to be kind
    who haunt the house on nowhere street
    with the pale blue bamboo blind..."

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Weekend Reflections: A walk by the Macc

Friday was gloriously sunny, with high temperatures for late October of 18C°+. It was great to start my three day weekend with a lovely walk along the Macclesfield Canal from Bollington, heading northwards and then back  It was warm enough to stop for a mid morning snack on the banks too. Taking part in Weekend Reflections.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Weekend in Black and White: Man in the mist

A jog in the fog. I enjoy the mysterious swirls of fog that autumn can bring. It can create misty patches that envelope all and sundry and then a few hundred yards later you have walked right through it and out into glorious sunshine. This was very much the case in Dunham Massey's grounds last weekend.

Taking part in another Weekend in Black and White. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Skywatch Friday: A Mancunian skyline

The sometimes slightly ugly and often utilitarian hotch-potch of early 20th century warehouses always makes for a mixed Manchester skyline, but when there is blue in the sky who cares? Charles Street and beyond feature here in my contribution to Skywatch Friday.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vintage phone boxes

It could almost be a traditional tourist postcard of Britain; the gleaming old GPO/BT telephone boxes and the Italianate arch. St. Peter's Square has rarely looked better.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

"N" is for NEF's 4 day working week as the norm

Taking part in ABC Wednesday where my "N" is for the normalising of a 4 day working week as advocated by leading health professionals and the New Economic Foundation.

I featured in Manchester City Life Extra's #Blogwatch column this week (issue 38, 9 October 2014). Sadly they left out my publicity of the four day week campaign which is led by the New Economic Foundation, so click to see 10 reasons how society will benefit from this. 

I also wrote:
"I am lucky in that I recently reduced my working days to 4 a week, which can be tough financially but it puts your heart, body and soul in a great place when you get a three day weekend every week. There’s a growing campaign in the UK led by the New Economic Foundation for a four day week to become the norm and for people to be paid a living wage for those four days."

The rest of the otherwise well-edited article was:

How to be a tourist at home

Mancunian Wave gives a daily glimpse of life in and around Greater Manchester; my photos might be of a band, street art, a walk in the countryside, anything that grabs my attention as I go on my merry way. 

What I’d like the blog to do is grab someone’s attention and for a few seconds of their busy day lift their spirits and give them a wave of excitement that makes them appreciate the great city we live in a little more.

A few years ago I noticed how quiet the city centre was on Saturday mornings - devoid of traffic and commuters there was the space to look up and appreciate the wonderful buildings and sights, without bumping into people or getting run over. I saw things I hadn’t noticed before and started to see Manchester as if I were a tourist. Imagining the city I live in as if I was just visiting for few days cast a new light on everything- bars, galleries, squares and statues - it stops me from taking everyday sights for granted. I wanted to share what I see with anyone who might be like-minded and a blog seemed the best way.

As a result I have developed a fascination for all level of details about the region. Rather than wishing I lived in San Francisco or Paris I appreciate Manchester for what it offers. I look out around for hidden gems as well as writing about the more obvious sights. Going to restaurants, bars and coffee shops to write about them is fun too. It makes me think creatively and feeds my enthusiasm for the small things in life: a reflection in a puddle or a painting.

Wherever I go I’m always ready to take a quick snap, but rather than capturing selfies and meals, it’s more likely to be a photo of an unusual angle in the street, or part of a building that takes my fancy. So I always have a stack of photos I want to write about. 

What I like most about doing a blog is connecting with people such as local band The Madding Crowd, who I try and champion in my own small way, and supporting various causes and campaigns. The Northern Spirit Theatre community asked me to curate their Wondrous Place blog for a week where I enjoyed writing a series called Manchester Movementsand Manchester Moments including old local music and the Town Hall clock tower.

The downside of blogging is of my own making – as Mancunian Wave is part of the City Daily Photo Community, I need to do a blog post every day. But there are tricks to the trade and you can set posts up in advance - so I don’t have to worry if I decide to flit off to the Cote D’Azur for a week!

Four days a week I work as the research manager at the Royal Northern College of Music, which is as creative and friendly a place you could wish to work. (The views on my blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my workplace or other organisations I am involved with).

To be honest I didn’t know what response to expect when I started blogging. I think the most important thing is not to bore your friends about it- you have to build an audience who really want to read your blog because they enjoy it, not as a favour. I follow other city daily blogs around the world and it’s lovely to have a coffee and hone in on what Steffe’s seen in Haninge, Sweden is or Tanya’s take on life in Roanoke, Virginia. It gives me a little buzz, that 30 seconds of a look into other lives and places and to see a photo with a wow factor. It’s a warm feeling to know that I am showing our great city of Manchester to people, in my own small way.

Support has come in from locals and further afield too, saying things like “I know Manchester but you show it in a way I have never seen” Although most of my readers are local or UK based, people in over 150 countries have visited. It’d be nice if I have made one or two people think “I want to see that myself” or “I am going to support that campaign too”. That makes the daily effort completely worthwhile.