Friday, 24 June 2016

Skywatch Friday: Sun sets on many things...end of an EUra

The summer sun sets over Salford, and after the EU referendum also on the UK's membership of the EU. It will also set on the UK itself, which is untenable now as Wales and England voted to leave, while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. It will surely lead to Scottish independence and Irish unification.

But leaving the EU does not mean leaving Europe or being anti-European. As an internationalist I am anti the neo-liberalism and big business bias of the EU, but happy to be part of an equal, wider Europe. Probably like many on the left who voted for an anti-racist #Lexit, which was ignored by the mainstream media but supported by millions of workers.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Friday, 17 June 2016

Skywatch Friday: Key parts of Salford Quays

This week's Skywatch Friday photo was taken by Tim Sutton-Brand at Salford Quays on a recent sunny evening.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

#AllForOne at the #StoneRoses ' homecoming #CityDailyPhoto

The Stone Roses came home to Manchester last night. Here are some photos capturing the energetic and loving vibe.  A review of sorts is below.

Blossoms from Stockport were a good support band- I saw them at Parklife at the weekend and they are always well received- their Hammond keyboard could be used more and louder though and some more guitar sections added to the repertoire top stop everything they do being a similar sounding four minute indie song. 

A Reggae band from Jamaica- Chronixx, were ok, but I did not get the final support act Public Enemy, not being a rap fan. If they are anti-establishment as I hope they are they show it in a strange consumerist, wealthy way. 

As to the Roses, well the lighting was lavish and impressive, the fans were lairy (I was hit four times by flying bottles containing vodka, beer and once a warm substance I and other around me didn’t wish to think about), the bass and drums were excellent. Less so the too often flat-vocals of Ian Brown who, like the rest of the band, are great in the studio but not so hot live. John Squire's guitar work was effective in the main but overall the sound could have been better mixed on some tracks I felt. They only played for 90 minutes and no encore, which was poor value for £60! Their best songs for me on the night though were the final two, of This is the One and Resurrection. 

Extortionate pricing at the stadium which doesn’t allow you to bring your own food and drink in - of £3 for a water or half of low quality lager (Fosters)- or £5 a bottle and no choice of brands. Only junk food and sugar available as food! I possibly wouldn’t bother going to see bands at the Manchester City stadium again (I refuse to refer to stadiums by their sponsors, so to me it's Eastlands, City or the Commonwealth Games stadium), 

Below are Stone Roses posters for their first new music in decades plus a poster which was on Nicholas Croft when these initial gigs were announced last year. The lemon logo, of course, is a reference they have used before and is associated with the 1968 Paris revolution as it was used to cope with the tear gas sprayed by the reactionary authorities.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Bohemian landscapes of Stockport...

There is a small but wonderful exhibition of psychedelic Bohemian landscapes at the Stockport War Memorial Gallery on Wellington Road, until 9 July. Stockport artist Matt Kvasnik
 now lives in Prague and takes the Czech landscapes as inspiration and I find them bewitching and dazzling. Postcard and prints are on sale. There are other interesting exhibitions in this fine old building too including Alias, inspired by the work of David Bowie.