Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Bag It Manchester campaign

The Bag It campaign is in full flow - plastic bags being banned throughout Manchester is the aim (today Manchester, tomorrow the world). See a short video of the first day of action.

Please read about it and sign the petition. 8 billion plastic bags in were used by UK shoppers in 2011 and, unbelievably- in these so called more green-aware times (the age of the jute bag and all that), this was actually an increase of 20% from 2010! 

99% of bags end up in landfill. It is sheer madness, the waste of oil and resources to manufacture the damn things is bad enough, they then they end up killing wildlife, clogging drains and sewers, and being incinerated, creating more pollution. 

Chrissy rant alert > Personally I despair when I go a to mainstream shops and see the majority of people still not taking their own bags and happily (and IMHO immorally) accepting plastic bags. I have always felt there really should be a worldwide ban on plastic bags, no more should be made, and a £1 charge for all remaining stock should be charged, which goes to environmental causes. Most of the public sadly are either still too unaware, or ill-informed as to the consequences of plastic bag use. We need legislation to be in place and enforced for the greater good...


  1. Here it's a mixed bag. Some people have their own and others still use plastic.

  2. I'm with you 100% Chrissy! Haven't used plastic bags for my shopping for years now.. I think Australia is pretty big on getting rid of them also, in a lot of shops they ask you if you want one and if so you have to pay for it..hopefully one day hey!

  3. They were banned here in Toronto for a while but the infamous mayor we have had the ban overturned. Most people in my neighbourhood take their own bags to the store and if they don't there is a 5 cent charge for a plastic one.

  4. I tend to use my own reusable bag- I tend to be picking up food by the day, so one bag is enough.


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