Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fire and water... end of an overture in orange

This good ship, or rather narrowboat, sadly lost out in a battle of fire and water sometime on Friday night. As we walked through the woods yesterday we saw an empty police van. then we a policeman and an official with clipboard looking at the burnt out wreck.

The boat had been moored here on the Bridgewater canal for a few years at least, and I assumed was lived on semi-permanently.  I pulled a wooden clothes horse out of the canal but could not reach other debris. A slick of oil polluted the surface water further along... Very sad, be it arson or accident. 

The photo on the left was a camera phone snap I took last month- and (taken with a camera rather than a phone) here's the boat featured on Mancunian Wave in happier days. I never knew its name but it was always a bright and lovely overture in orange to me...


  1. Replies
    1. I have heard that noone was on board thankfully.

    2. I have heard that noone was on board thankfully.

  2. I am surprised the wreck is still there.


    1. It only caught fire 2 days ago... it will take ages for specialist canal equipment to come and collect it Filip.

  3. That's awful. The boat had character.


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