Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cornerhouse blank canvas...

Clifford Owens' Better the Rebel You Know is on one of the Cornerhouse’s current photography exhibitions. I liked the first floor gallery in particular, where people were photographed in groups, often breaking the stereotypes and reclaiming language. The photos reminded me that everyone is different even when they have similar life situations such as alcoholic parents, or religion, or race or other self-identity. The photo to the forefront of my photo was blank, as it is a photo of Tories in Manchester ;-) Very witty and true.

Quaker and radical John Bright stated (in the 19th Century)"If you find a Conservative in Manchester you should put him in a glass case." Happily that's still true today.

Labour came first in the council elections the other week, and we - the Green Party- came second in many wards. Should we have had the wealth of the Labour Party and the (disproportionate) media coverage of UKIP then the Greens may even have got some Councillors elected too... Next time.  Elsewhere, in Greater Manchester, affluent Trafford is still the Nasty Party though and there's a similar ward in Salford that is Tory too. Read an interesting interview from yesterday's Manchester Confidential with the Manchester Labour council leader.

A contribution to Our World Tuesday


  1. Interesting post!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  2. Great post. Thank you Chrissy.

  3. I like the way they look together.

  4. Nice shot! We are in election season here in Ontario and there was discussion on the radio today about how much more right-wing the Green Party is here in Canada than in Europe. Interesting.

  5. Very interesting and cool...


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