Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday Mural: Vegzilla roars

The current window mural at On the Eighth Day features a green riposte to Godzilla- the vegetable and fruit crunching Vegzilla!

It’s not that difficult to eat 10 veg and fruit portions a day and to lead a healthy and good tasting diet, but I know many people seem to struggle. The hard part is turning away from all the sugary snacks, fast food, junk supermarket or packaged meals and fizzy drinks that capitalism hoists upon the unwary and which has created the western obesity pandemic.

Breakfast- juice and fruit with muesli; lunch - put some vegetables in a wrap or roll; main meal - steam some veg or have them raw or in a lasagne, chilli, stir fry or whatever. Maybe it’s harder when you are on the move or away with work but even then it’s still possible, as I am sure all 8th Day shoppers and diners will testify.

Taking part in Monday Mural.


  1. Normally it's the cost of fresh vegitables that does it along with fussy eating kids.

    1. but vegetables can be bought very cheaply- far cheaper than pre-packaged junk food and other crap?

  2. I have a hard time hitting that number but I try. And I don't eat sugary snacks or fizzy drinks!

  3. Very clever!
    Nice find and photo...


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