Wednesday, 18 June 2014

ABC Wednesday: "W" is for Withy Grove, where willows waved...

Taking part with the other "W" entrants at ABC Wednesday

I am sure that this old shop on Dantzic Street has been in apparently derelict condition since I first noticed it 20 odd years ago. You might think it strange that a city centre property can be left to rot like this. I like the ghost signs it has resulted in though and would rather it were left like this than converted to a fast food outlet or similar.

But surprisingly this company is still trading here- it's been selling safes since 1850 and in the same Manchester family all of that time. "The Managing Director has over 50 years' experience in the safe business, ensuring clients benefit from our expert knowledge and personal advice." Maybe there is method in their madness!

Wythengreave or Withy Grove meant a grove of willow trees which grew in the vicinity when Withy Grove was a country lane - sadly I have never seen any here... 

How about replanting some today please, Manchester City Council?


  1. it's in sad shape but greatly photogenic!

  2. I'm amazed the place is still in business looking like that....

  3. I'd rather they left it as a ghost sign, too. It has character and history and a kind of delicious forlornness. The name 'Withy Grove' is wonderful, too.

  4. And the greenery blocks the sign. seems fixable...

  5. Your mention of fast food outlet reminded me of one I saw in Birkenhead whose upper stories were almost as distressed as this one although I might have more confidence buying a safe than food from such a building. It was just as photogenic but alas did not have anything as wonderful as your Withy Grove sign.

  6. It`s so strange that the place is still in business and yet it`s building is looking like that...


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