Wednesday, 25 June 2014

ABC Wednesday: "X" is for the Axe and Cleaver Pub in Dunham

It's always hard to find an "X" for ABC Wednesday  so my offering for "X" is for the Axe and Cleaver pub, which is on School Lane in Dunham Town. I pass by on a walk at least weekly although I haven't been inside for an age. But it was pleasant enough in the past for food and drink and I imagine it still is. On a hot summer's day like those we've had the for most of the past month then any pub with a garden (and chilled wine / an ice bucket) is welcomed!


  1. It looks like a very inviting pub!

  2. It has a fabled cottage kind of look to it which is appealing at odds with its name. A chilled glass of wine would hit the spot right now ...

  3. Looks just the place to relax on a summer's day. Hope they stick to serving knives and forks with the food:-)

  4. Memorable shutters you found:)

  5. It looxs like a lovely old home!

    abcw team


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