Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ilam Rock

A mere 30 miles south-east of Manchester lies the magnificent Peak District Nation Park. This is Ilam Rock, one of several impressive limestone pinnacles on the River Dove. It is 25 metres (82 feet) high and often ascended by rock climbers.

With a week of glorious sunny weather here and temperatures above average for the time of year (26°C), it's a good time to enjoy some fresh air and long walks.
http://www.picturethepast.org.uk/ explainsAround 350 million years ago, the whole of what is now the Peak District was covered with a shallow tropical sea, with deep lagoons fringed by coral reefs. The fossilised remains of sea creatures and corals make up what we call limestone. This rock forms much of what is now Dove Valley.


  1. I am afraid I cannot ride a bicycle Paulo...

  2. A challenge, which feels even stronger than time itself.

    You got me vote. Please have a good Wednesday.

  3. This is a massive stone! wonderful shot!

  4. Oh, what a perfect rock of lime stone. I would love to ascend this.
    Thanks for you visit and comment.
    Regards Spiderdama

  5. This rock remembers so many stories from the past.
    I voted!

  6. By chance I was out last evening with one of the judges Emma Bearman who is a serious Leeds blogger. I will vote for you after I write this and Good Luck!

  7. Impressive photo & have voted for you..good luck!

  8. It's quite amazing to think that north Staffordshire was once a huge sea. Geologists must be acutely aware of the speed of time passing!


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