Friday, 30 September 2011

Bowled over by the heatwave

Here at Spinningfields who could have blamed them for putting away the deckchairs and allowing an indoor ten pin bowling arena to be set up on part of the grass (out of picture to the left), all ready for indoor autumn activities? A pop-up bowling alley Pin-Up Bowling is here until 6th November and I shall visit that another day.

Instead, with this wonderful burst of heat and sunshine, workers and shoppers are flocking to the lawn once more to picnic, and the funky yellow deckchair trade is experiencing an unexpected late season flourish.

With a week of high temperatures, peaking at 27°C today and tomorrow, it's the hottest I have ever known the UK to be at this time of year. Hotter than most summers in fact, and as hot as last April which was the hottest UK April I've ever known. Hmm...


  1. I guess I should say enjoy it while it last!

  2. The weather has been fab... and set to continue for the weekend :-) Guess we deserve it after the dismal summer!
    Just voted ;-)

  3. A joy for the senses indeed. Please have a good new month and a nice weekend as well.

    daily athens

  4. Amazing. It is slightly cooler here in Barcelona, only 26 degrees...


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