Monday, 19 September 2011

Happy Mondays: Alfresco at Bar 38

The past week has been blustery at times weather-wise, with the remnants of Hurricane Katia bombarding the north of England. Thankfully, some sunny late summer days have prevailed, enabling us to enjoy a cup of coffee or something stronger al fresco. However, the leaves on the trees here at Bar 38 on Peter Street are starting to turn yellow and autumn is well on the way...


  1. America, at least around where we live, has no outdoor places like this to eat or order a coffee. I don't miss it because we never have had it. It seems like it is embedded in most European cultures and stuck there over the centuries.

  2. I quite like sitting outside, except perhaps when it is raining. I was sat outside yesterday with my lunch watching the leaves spiraling down. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography

  3. I like this shot, especially for its low camera angle.


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