Sunday, 4 September 2011

Early morn on the Edge

This photo was taken yesterday morning at about 9.00 a.m at Alderley Edge, on a lovely walk there from Hare Hill, before the crowds of weekend walkers arrived. The edge itself is a sandstone ridge and this view is looking north towards Manchester. The area is steeped in mystery, with landmarks and associated tales which include The Beacon, Druid's Circle, The Thieves' Hole, The Hermit, The Wizard, Golden Stone and Storm Point.

You can discover more at The Legends Of Alderley Edge website: which also states: Alderley Edge consists of a prominent ridge of land with a small village nestled against its western flank. Thousands of people visit the Edge each year having been drawn by the legends and history of Alderley Edge. There are many unusual sites nestled amongst the ancient trees and many of these are linked to the legend of the Wizard and his knights. It was this legend which inspired Alan Garner to write The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, a story about two children protecting a magical stone from the evil Morrigan and her followers.


  1. That is beautiful. Especially with the light and the mist. Adds to the whole mystery thing.

  2. This is beautiful Chrissy. Lovely shot!

  3. Such a deep and magical place. Thanks for the view (beautiful photo!) and the history.

  4. Beautiful picture! It makes me dream of holidays spent in the mountains.

  5. Stunning view! Thanks for stopping by :)
    I have a lot of nice memories of Manchester :)

  6. It's strange how these resonances (legends, literary associations) can make a place even more alive - especially in this light.
    Alan Garner did the same thing again in one of his other novels, Red Shift, which is set on Mow Cop on Cheshire's border with Staffordshire. It gives Mow Cop quite a spooky feeling!


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