Monday, 5 September 2011

I ♥ MCR campaign

The "I ♥ MCR" campaign has snowballed since its re-launch last month in response to the Manchester and Salford riots.  It aims to show the world that the people of Manchester are proud of their city and united against anti-social behaviour.

A sense of community spirit and hope has blossomed all over the city and suburbs, with posters and billboards in many independent shops and office windows, in public spaces and advertising spaces, as well as window posters, stickers, and tee shirts. (I have yet to see any of the profit-only large chains like M&S, Tesco or any of the banks like Barclays, HSBC, RBS etc. take part but I look forward to being proved wrong on that one). It was good to see The Cooperative Bank (founded in nearby Rochdale) with 8 storey high banners- I might post that next week.

A "We love MCR" day was held on 26 August plus various other events such as an all weekend music festival (N4 loves U) in the Northern Quarter last weekend. On the quirkier side "I love MCR" cupcakes are being baked by the Sweettooth Cupcakery shop and Manchester celebrities past and present are taking part in photo shoots. It is engendering both a civic pride and a community spirit that I have not known before in my 25 years in the city. Long may it last...

P.S Yes, it is based on Milton Glaser's iconic 1970's "I ♥ NYC" design, and has had several variations in Manchester over the years.


  1. And Milton Glasner told me he toyed with the idea of copyrighting the design but didn't and if he had he could have retired ages ago. No other human body part is so widely used.

  2. I think the sign is a great idea. I do hope Manchester overcomes its recent bad press.

  3. Hi Chrissy,

    We were in the Northern Quarter on Sunday watching live music and I took a photo of the "I ♥ MCR" sign on the CIS Building as we drifted away. I may post it on my blog soon.

    The city is buzzing - despite the riots.




  4. What a nice place it must be, where something alike is possible.

    Please have a good Tuesday.


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