Thursday, 8 September 2011

Peace, love and Lego

These drawings under the Mancunian Way are of two Lego figures- one with angel wings and the universal peace symbol (which is also the CND symbol in the UK) and the other sporting a "Food not bombs" top. I have also seen a slightly larger Lego angel graphic elsewhere in the city. They are by Brickz and Stones:

Anyway, I guess it proves that you're never too young to be a political activist. It's timely too for the annual Manchester Peace Festival, which runs for a week from 17th September. 

Manchester Peace Festival 17-25 September:
Greater Manchester CND:
Manchester Lego Discovery Centre:


  1. I am no great lover of graffiti, but these two do have a certain charm.
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo blog. Paul

  2. Always loved Legos. I like these two Chrissy.

  3. Great message on both Chrissy, so it's all good!

  4. Happines.

    Luckily me son is still young enough for having me playing with Lego. Please have a good Friday.

    daily athens


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