Saturday, 17 September 2011

North West Tonight weather girl

Holly auditions to become a new weather girl on the BBC 1 North West Tonight programme. This was part of a tour of the BBC Studios at New Broadcasting House on Oxford Road. It's not so new these days as they were built in 1974 for the Beeb who are in the process of moving out to Media City UK at Salford Quays.

See also Tim at the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra's Steinway piano:


  1. I missed the tour of the BBC here in Leeds, forgot how popular it might be and was not on list, whoops. But they do invite me out occasionally. I have been trying to catch our very own Paul Hudson (weatherman), not yet caught up with him. Paul at pictures of Yorkshire

  2. Good luck Holly. Love those Beeb 'Rings of Saturn ' desks. Enjoy your weekend the forecast looks sunny but cool.


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