Friday, 23 September 2011

Avenue of Hope- I Am Kloot

Avenue of Hope is an atmospheric track by Manchester trio I am Kloot. Formed in 1999, they create a melancholic indie acoustic sound which has heralded six successful studio albums.
This photo is hardly an avenue of hope, but  Kloot’s lyrics were probably sardonic in which case they might apply...
Avenue of Hope by I Am Kloot
“Along the avenue of hope
The footsteps falter, the fingers grope
and days, stretch out, beneath the sun
No-one's born, and no-one dies, no-one lives, so no-one cries
and we wait to see just what we will become

Don't let me falter, don't let me ride
Don't let the earth in me subside
Let me see just who I will become...”
John Bramwell, one third of the band, is performing solo at the Words & Music Festival in Nantwich, Cheshire, in a couple of weeks - Saturday 8th October 2011:    


  1. Bonjour!
    You have a very interesting blog here, congratulations and your pictures are great!
    This Avenue is beautiful, impressive sign.
    Thanks for your kind visit and comment in our BONJOUR LUXEMBOURG.
    Hugs and happy weekend,

  2. Manchester surprises me in your pics, it's a very beautiful town.

  3. Great shot. I like the avenue the photo and the song.

  4. Music made visable.

    Please have a good weekend.


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