Friday, 25 May 2012

Skywatch Friday: Manchester from Hare Hill, Cheshire not so plain

Looking north to Manchester, as viewed from Hare Hill. It's a distance of 16 miles from here to the city centre. Things to do here include wandering among the lovely walled gardens of Hare Hill, before enjoying wooded walks and views such as these across the Cheshire Plain. More Skywatch Friday posts.

This photo was not taken this week, when the sky has been a continuous brilliant blue.


  1. Bonjour Chrissy,
    This picture is a beautiful postcard, the green energy is amazing in your shot, so adorable landscape!

  2. A beautiful view! And, while continuous blue skies don't make for dramatic photography, they are still beautiful and I enjoy them! We don't get them here that often...usually have some clouds because of the proximity of the ocean!

  3.'s so beautiful.


  4. I can only confirm what the other also say : what a beautiful view!

  5. Brilliant view of the city from Hare Hill Chrissy, look like a nice place to while away some time.

  6. I wish our part of our state where we live had some depths — ups and downs; hills and dales; but we are flat as a pancake. So seeing the horizon depends on where you are standing or riding. And when you do get a look at the landscape it is not that pretty.

  7. ... to be a bird.

    Please have a good weekend ahead.


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