Saturday, 12 May 2012

Trio of golden goslings

Two Canadian geese, proud parents both, protect and teach their newly hatched offspring on the Macclesfield Canal. We've also seen a family with five goslings at Tatton Mere this spring. But I wonder what happened to the goose who was protecting her nest on the canal towpath near Bollington. I fear her hisses may not have been enough to fully protect those eggs, and that she would have been better off in the field on the other side of the canal, where a dozen other geese were a-laying. There's safety in numbers, sometimes.


  1. Nice shot. I hope you checked their passports ;-)

  2. Wow, a great photo of this darling little family! Love it! (PS ~ I shared several of your photos with my youngest daughter last night and she enjoyed seeing the sights of where we will be . . . in a little over a month from now!)
    Thanks for everything, Chrissy! I sure hope we are able to meet!

  3. How very wonderful a sight ! May time and life please treat them kind.

  4. So precious! I love spring..

  5. What a charming family! Cute...
    God bless you!


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