Friday, 8 March 2013

Celebrate International Women's Day #IWD #citydailyphoto

There's lots going on as ever in Manchester to mark this annual auspicious occasion and the 4 McrWomen blog offers a good summary

There are plenty of activities marking Wonder Women: Radical Manchester; there are also a few places left on the Red Flag Walks' "Votes for Women" history walk this Sunday.  

Bernadette Hyland has posted an excellent article on International Women's Day and inspiring women on her blog LipstickSocialist. The Working Class Movement Library has an International Women's Day event on Saturday 9 March at 2 pm with novelist Livi Michael and community activist Ruth Eversley.

Meanwhile, on my radio blog today I'm looking back in time to a group of women who were BBC World Service newsreaders and presenters in the 1970s  - something considered almost controversial at the time. At least things have moved on from that, and the new BBC World Service programme What if... Women Ruled the World? will be worth a listen..


  1. It's an important day, so nice the city there prepared these celebrations!
    Happy Women's Day!

  2. How could I not know what today is? Well, now I do thanks to you :).

  3. It's sad because I didn't see anything at all about International Women's Day in our university. I don't even know if the kids are aware of it! :(

    I'm glad Manchester had several things going on.

  4. Hooray for International Women's Day! Sadly, it's little known in the US, it took my being in Italy in my (long ago) 20s on that day to learn it was a holiday!