Saturday, 4 April 2015

Ducking the issue?

The large duck advertising yesterday's annual charity plastic duck race on the left bank of the River Irwell, with John Rylands library behind it. Taking part in this week's Weekend Reflections.

The charity was Brainwave, who work with families to deliver home based therapies and exercises to help children with disabilities. 

For what it's worth, the duck race winners were:
The results of for individual & family ducks: (1) PG3DD (2) 15001 (3) TUAEPL (4) CQA44U (5) LAXX3N (6) 48TEFB

See @Spinningfields and @mcrduckrace Twitter feeds for photos and videos...


  1. Replies
    1. Waiting to hear Stefan ;-) a few photos at

  2. and photos on Twitter at

  3. Great capture Chrissy! I saw the duck in Pittsburgh a couple of years ago.

  4. Would love to see the duck race, super fun all for a good cause reflection here Chrissy :)


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