Saturday, 18 August 2012

Atelier's white sheds, white noise?

The Atelier project brings together the Office for Subversive Architecture, students from Manchester School of Architecture and École Spéciale d’Architecture, and curator Jane Anderson.

It's part of the 2012 Canal Festival and summer long "Cultural Olympiad". I think that various sports and play activities both in and beside the water go on during the day, but I will need to revisit as I feel I have missed something. Call me cynical but the white sheds and a basketball hoop are all that I can see that has changed from what was here before... I expect I stand to be corrected, probably between 18th to 26th August when the Canal Festival takes place. I will pop along and see...


  1. I guess it could also depend on what's in those white sheds!

  2. This is very interesting Chrissy.

  3. A promise in the making.

    Please have a good Sunday.

  4. Great warehouse, now flats, at the back there.

  5. Its such simple and great white sheds. I really like this amazing details about subversive architecture. You have done wonderful work.

  6. Sounds interesting.
    Have you found out more??


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