Thursday, 10 September 2015

A quickie at the Town Hall Tavern... #BadDates

I had my quickest ever date on record recently - it lasted barely 25 minutes. We met and had a drink here at the Town Hall Tavern. One of his opening lines was "What do you think if the immigration crisis?" I said it immigration is good thing and that we should welcome refugees. 

He then kept going on about how "they" should "defend themselves and not run away" and that "we" don't run away. He went on to talk about how "our boys defend the world" - I put him straight on that one too. 

But I was a bit scared and tried to find a neutral subject to get me through. Luckily it was a mutual feeling (that we had nowt in common - not being scared although he did seem a little nervous). He went to "see a mate about a job" before I needed to make my own excuses.

An hour later he texted me saying he was "feeling frisky" and would I have invited him back to mine?... I was rendered speechless for a change.


  1. ee lass you had a great escape there

  2. Oh well, plenty of other fish in the sea.

    How unlucky was it that you found someone who didn't share the Green Party's views on immigration?

  3. At least the Town Hall Tavern is a nice place for a drink, if not a date ;-)


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