Wednesday, 19 November 2014

ABC Wednesday: "S" is for stars and rainbow stripes

ABC Wednesday reaches the letter "S".The stars and rainbow striped flags outside New York New York bar. You'd have hoped homophobia was a thing of the past in any country that purports to be civilised but sadly not, as the mindless attack on two gay men who dared to sing a song on a tram on 1 November illustrates. There was however, a wonderful show of support from the majority of people, culminating in an LGBT choir singalong on the tram this week.


  1. Wonderful post Chrissy. Sadly homophobia is pretty much out there even in the so called civilized countries.

  2. When you look at the sort of comments that turn up on facebook, for instance, during Pride festivals, that alone tells you how homophobic certain people are.

    I've seen the Canadian flag modified with the rainbow colours, but not the American flag.

  3. Homophobia still lives, for certain.



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