Thursday, 13 November 2014

A vanishing view, by day

Proving that an eclectic mix of architectural styles can work... We have Chethams' School of Music (red brick with tower), Urbis/National Football Museum (glass building) and The Printworks -once home to the Mirror Group's printing press and now cinemas, bars and restaurants (and rather cool looking inside where they have preserved or reinvented one of the original features).

Sadly this vantage point looking south-eastwards out of Salford and into Manchester will be blocked off soon, as the two "ugly sisters" dire black and glass office blocks a la Milton Keynes 1982 are rising fast. Tomorrow I'll show you the same view at night..


  1. Quite an eclectic mix here, Chrissy. From the link you've provided, the artist's concepts of the impending buildings show two hideously out of place monstrosities, but that's almost to be expected these days out of developers.

  2. Developers won't stop until every last piece of available land is gone. They just don't care...


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