Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Work, live, relax, recess.

"Work, live, relax" proclaim the hoardings around the Origin building site. Personally I prefer an order of "live, relax, work" but, either way, the recession (which started so many years ago now) also put pay to the grand design of a hotel, apartments and boutique shops on this site. There are few real signs to the end of this long / double -dip recession in sight from what I can see. Only the opulent Origin website remains optimistic.. 

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  1. Love this picture and I agree with you, I would change to live and relax!Get a job that I like, doing something that I real want...hmmm it would be the perfect world! :D

  2. For most of my working life, I was very lucky to have a job that I absolutely loved. It would be fantastic if more business valued their employees as much as they value profit.

  3. The colours on the sign is definitely cheery. And looking at the website, it doesn't look like it caters to the kind of people who have people doing the grunt work for them. I could be wrong. I'll never know for sure ;)


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