Thursday, 22 August 2013

Save the Salford cranes @SalfordQuays

One of the few remaining icons of Salford Quays' former glories as a dockyard are the blue cranes. But these are under threat as Salford Council says it cannot afford to repaint and maintain them and will demolish them. Where this to go ahead t would be an act of complete cultural vandalism - and madness - by Salford Council.

A campaign group and petitions to save the cranes are in full flow. There is precious little else of architectural or cultural merit left around this part of the quays. Most buildings are workaday and mundane housing and offices constructed since the 1980's regeneration drive... (I do not, of course, include the War Museum and Lowry theatre and galleries across the water in this statement!).

See also the wonderful Lipstick Socialist blog with a post she wrote on the cranes' history back in May. 


  1. typical council thinking - cheaper to demolish than maintain - backhanders from the demolition companies no doubt

  2. It's amazing what we people get attached to.

  3. wow the cranes are huge!Great picture!

  4. Signed and shared!



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