Friday, 9 August 2013

Urban and urbane gardening with @DigTheCitymcr

The second urban garden festival, Dig the City is in full flow until 11 August. From King St to the cathedral, there are blooms, florists, displays and, of course, places to stop, chat, eat and drink. With the summer heat continuing week on week with only the odd day of grey or rain, the continental vibe that Manchester is always striving for is truly here...


  1. It's a charming café!Love this image!
    Happy weekend

  2. Would love to have a coffee or a pint there! Have great weekend Chrissy!

  3. It is fabulous for people outside in the big wide world to see that there is more to England than RAIN. It's a happening place. Super shot, Chrissy.

  4. Looks like summer is in full bloom in Manchester. Charming and inviting scene.


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