Friday, 29 June 2012

North Star's northern outpost

Earlier this week I sat in the sunshine at the North Star Delicatessen which trades in town as well as in Chorlton cum Hardy (which I featured back in January). I see North Star in Piccadilly Basin as something of a hidden gem, frequented by the many of us lucky enough to be in the know. It is on Dale Street, a wonderful road that drips with red brick architectural delights from Manchester's past which has some interesting new builds to complement it too.  

North Star started its successful life back in 2003 thanks to three siblings: Adam and John Berlyne and chef Deanna Thomas. Why would anyone choose to go to a coffee shop chain when there are lovely independent places like this, with locally produced quality products at a reasonable price?


  1. I agree 100% - spend your money with someone other than an impersonal chain store, it will reward you.

  2. I agree too. Give the chains a miss and find something unique like this.

  3. Colour of happiness.

    May time and life treat this business kind. Please have a good weekend ahead.

  4. What an adorable place, I love the ambiance!

  5. SUNSHINE and some bright colors plus a place for coffee, IS PERFECT!


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