Sunday, 18 March 2012

You've got to get in to get out...

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The Musical Box are a Canadian band who perform music from the Gabriel era of Genesis, with the band's blessing. Peter Gabriel himself has taken his children to their performances to show them what he used to sound and look like all those moons ago. The band use the orginal slide show too, and even physically resemble the classic Genesis line-up.

The Musical Box performed the double album Lamb Lies Down on Broadway at the Manchester Apollo on Thursday and I was completely enthralled. It's an album I would pick on Desert Island Discs (not that BBC Radio 4 would ever invite me onto that programme!)

If you don't know it, The Lamb is amazing tale of the toughness of urban life in the western world, an inner exploration of body and mind, the emotions we feel and the emotions we fear, and coping when life is out of our control. All set to some powerful and beautiful music and imagery. you can get a feel of this tour by The Musical Box on YouTube.

Genesis were using the term “multi-media” decades before it became fashionable. Their experimental use of props, lighting and slide shows might not always have worked, but The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway slide show did, and set to the wonderful music it’s a must-see 90 minutes. You really should set aside an evening to watch it all at Oquatanginwann’s YouTube channel .


"The rocks, in time, compress your blood to oil, your flesh to coal, enrich the soil, not everybody's goal.
Anyway, they say she comes on a pale horse, But I'm sure I hear a train.
O boy! I don't even feel no pain - I guess I must be driving myself insane. Damn it all!
Does earth plug a hole in heaven, Or heaven plug a hole in the earth?
How wonderful to be so profound, when everything you are is dying underground."
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  1. A great concert there, we would enjoy a lot this music because we like progressive rock!:)
    Hugs and a nice week ahead,

  2. Great picture, captures the atmosphere of Prog Rock

  3. Wonderful post Chrissy. You just brought some sweet memories. Thanks for the links.

  4. Thank you for teaching me something I did not know before.

    Please have a good new week ahead.

  5. What an interesting, striking effect you have added to this shot!

  6. Wow, what a shot! Love the colors! Please forgive me my tardiness in visiting your entry in ‘Weekly Top Shot,’ I have been rather under the weather the past few days, although still working. I'm so glad you decided to join us and share at 'Weekly Top Shot.' :-) I hope you'll come share again next week...


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