Saturday, 4 May 2013

Take a dip into the Victoria Baths Fanzine fair...

I do love a public holiday weekend- there so much that I want to go to but never enough time to be in two places at once. 

Today's photo is of the Victoria Baths' where a Fanzine Fair takes place tomorrow, Sunday 5 May, from 12.00-4.00 pm. Fanzine creators such as the wonderful Shrieking Violet will be in attendance. There are also art workshops, a concert in the pool and a tour of the undercroft of the pools and spaces used in TV series (e.g. BBC's Life on Mars and ITV's Mrs Biggs). The one-page pdf programme is here.

The Victoria Baths ("Manchester's Water Palace") in Chorlton-on-Medlock has long been a Manchester Edwardian treasure and came to national prominence when it was granted restoration funding thanks to the 2003 BBC tv series Restoration.

One day it will re-open to the public as a swimming pool in addition to its current role as well a great venue for all kinds of events and a living museum too.


  1. Somehow reminds me Dutch architecture. I love the facade and your picture is wonderful. The clock tower is adorable!Beautiful detail!

  2. I like the angle you have chosen for this shot. Restoration money well spent.

  3. Very colorful! I'm glad that it's kept up and part of what sounds to be a good time.

  4. Fantastic building, very colorful. Well done!

  5. Wow! To repeat, Wow! This is a spectacular building and your perspective gives it some extra buzz.


  6. Wow - that is just drop dead gorgeous!


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