Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Norwegian thoughts

A book of condolence has been opened in Manchester's Town Hall. Anyone who can't make it into the city centre but wishes to express their sympathy can leave messages at:

Councillor Harry Lyons, Lord Mayor of Manchester, said: "The horrific events in Norway have touched us all. The loss of life is on a scale that is barely imaginable, particularly as many of the victims were so young.
"Manchester reaches out in solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Norway. You have our thoughts, our sympathies, and our condolences. These are small words in such awful circumstances but we offer them with all our hearts. I would urge all Mancunians to take the opportunity, if they can, to sign the book of condolence or leave messages of sympathy online. We cannot take away the pain of the families affected, but we can lend our support in the hope it offers strength."

Edward Tjørn Bootland, Honorary Norwegian Consul for Manchester, said: "Along with all the consulate and members of the Norwegian community in Greater Manchester, I have been shocked by the tragic events of July 22, and we send our sympathies to the bereaved and the injured. The city of Manchester and the citizens of Norway have long enjoyed close social and business ties and I know that Norwegians everywhere are aware of and grateful for the support, sympathy and goodwill shown them by the residents of this city."


  1. Such a sad time. Sincere condolences.

  2. Yes, so sad. There's a great deal of soul-searching in Norway now. And, in the world, I hope!

  3. Very nice Chrissy and so sad.

  4. I do not often agree with politicians but the Mayor got it about right. I think what happened in Oslo made a lot of people think about life and what is important.

  5. Thanks.....
    Now we have the court case on TV and in all the newspapers..... And some have it closer than others, because they were there or lost someone.