Tuesday, 16 February 2016

New cycle lane on Blackfriars

A cycle lane arrives on Blackfriars at last...


  1. It looks as useless as most of the cycle lanes in Manchester.

    Painting a narrow strip of road green doesn't change anything. Nor do green areas at junctions.

    And when the thick paint is slopped on so it is uneven and bumpy it actually makes things worse.

    There are many roads where I now ride much further out from the kerb than I used to because the normal road is a much smoother ride than the bumpy cycle lane.

    From your photo it looks like the green paint is being applied in the customary sloppy way.

  2. I see Herr Grumpenstein of the Order of The Severe Grouches has risen from his crypt.

    We have bike lanes here as well, though they're not getting much use in the winter.

    1. You make me smile William- thanks again for your support - it keeps me going when I see certain grumpy posts!

  3. We have smart bike lanes and some that are not very smart in Stockholm. It can be a dangerous ride sometimes.

  4. We have a lot of bike lanes here. Unfortunately, many bike riders seem to think that it makes the indestructible.


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