Sunday, 19 July 2015

Art therapy at Madlab

I went to my first art class for decades on Thursday. It’s more of a social thing with likeminded artists of varying skills from brilliant down to my level and a wide range of ages spanning 50 years I should think. All courtesy of Madlab in the Northern Quarter in a cool little loft space. A couple of dozen people, a model and a series of short and longer poses, interspersed by wine and nibbles. I have hit on something great here, as well as fun and therapeutic,  and I will return to one of the weekly classes soon. Above are a few of my 10 minutes efforts…


  1. Well done....
    You have talents for this too.
    Perhaps you just did not know you had it.

    Enjoy it, the course, the new artistic friends and a bit of wine as well:)

    Imagen later when you have time at home and also when you go on holiday. I have met a few artists who created wonderful artistic work ( including watercolour)

  2. Better than my meagre abilities, Chrissy!


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