Wednesday, 12 February 2014

ABC Wednesday: "E" is for elegance in St Ann's Square

Another fine example of Georgian architecture, in harsh winter light. It looks it to me as if it were from Manchester's Hapsburg Empire days ;-) whereas in fact St. Ann's Square started life as Acres Field in the 13th century.

For the history of the ever-elegant square (elegant, that is, but with one or two fast food exceptions) I point you to some good photos and information at Manchester History Net.

Taking part in ABC Wednesday.


  1. I love those architectural details, very elegant indeed!

  2. The gold surly adds to the elegance!!

  3. Absolutely loved that link Chrissy.. oh my how wonderful did the square look back in the very early 1900's.. I really enjoy looking at pictures from those earlier times, everything looked so much more elegant, but I think that might be my romantic way of looking at things :)


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