Saturday, 8 February 2014

Fireside weekend reflections at the Oxnoble pub @TheOxnoble

Thursday night was as foul as you might fear for February. With the rain lashing down hour after hour it was nice to be in the dry and warmth of the Oxnoble pub, sitting near the range with its roaring fire. 

This pub opened in 1804 and is named after a type of potato - due to the pub’s location at Potato Wharf in Castlefield. Although I do not know why its external pub sign features a painting of a cow or bull - did someone paint the wrong ox?

 Feb 7
The Ox branding was done in the early nineties, we've recently gone back to 'The Oxnoble' (just getting rid of all old signs!)

Taking part in this week's Weekend Reflections.


  1. joli ambiance,on aimerait y etre ;o)

  2. Look nice and cosy indeed. The place to forget the weather outside. Thanks for showing.

  3. great composition... well done...

  4. Nothing is cosy like a fireplace... What a lovely atmosphere reflection...

  5. Beautiful shot, Chrissy... you bring out the atmosphere of the place with this photo.

  6. Fantastic post, both the picture and the text. Have a great Sunday!


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