Thursday, 13 February 2014

After the storm...

It was scary out there yesterday-  80 mph winds, horizontal rain, trees falling. I had to swerve to avoid some fallen firs last night. The trees in the garden, including a 200 year old oak, were swaying violently as I lost sight of them at dusk.  

It seemed quieter this morning as I snapped this on my phone on the way to catch a tram, but the city centre is full of emergency sirens and weather-related disruptions. Far more dramatic readers' photos than mine have been compiled by the Manchester Evening News.


  1. Extreme weather is everywhere and it shows no mercy. Lets hope it's short term.

  2. Gosh...... It must have been scary!
    Hope the winter storms are over soon.

  3. It has to stop soon Chrissy.. surely! The images on the news have been unbelievable.

  4. We had the same last night Chrissy, stay safe. Very big Well Done to Holly.

  5. I can hardly believe what you all have going through.


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