Sunday, 16 February 2014

Where am I? Who am I? Manchester & Lancs Family History Society

When browsing through unused photos on my camera yesterday I couldn't recall where I had taken this.  I thought maybe it was around Blackfriars' Bridge? No. I had to look up Clayton House online before I realised it was in Piccadilly Gardens. 

Built in 1907, I wonder how many other locals would recognise the building- it's a dangerous game to play looking up from the mayhem of Piccadilly Gardens- you are liable to get run down by cars, buses, pedestrians or trams. 

The Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society are based here. Founded 50 years ago in 1964 they are now one of the largest family history societies in the world.


  1. They built them to last back then! I wonder how many prefab apartments will still be standing in a century's time...

  2. I love the architectural detail!


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