Thursday, 27 February 2014

Winter walk by the Bridgewater near Dunham

A tranquil walk along the canal towpath last Saturday soothed the mind, especially with some overdue sunshine to warm us through. 

We have devised a gentle looped walk that starts in Dunham Forest, goes through the golf course, over the fields and through Dunham Massey. Past the house and stables there and out through the woods, up onto the canal, then into Dunham Town (which in reality is barely a village let alone a town). Back into Dunham Massey then returning to the golf course. The walk's well under two hours long (about 5 miles?) and it is an uplifting start to the day.  

Many species can be spotted, which include rabbits, deer, dogs, dog walkers, golfers, joggers, groundstaff, gardeners, church goers, cyclists, canal and farming folk...

Taking part today in Rurality Blog Hop number 52.


  1. I can see some evidence of plenty of rain...looks a super walk and a chance to wear my new walking boots :).

  2. That looks like a beautiful walk.

  3. Looks like a perfect day and a perfect place to go for a walk!:)


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