Thursday, 24 January 2013

Going to the wire

Looking through the fencing at the top of the amazing Anderton Boat lift. The 1875 lift transports boats between the River Weaver and the Trent & Mersey canal. More on that another day when I have got top the bottom, river level, which looks spectacular.

The wire fencing is there for safety as well as security and there are several layers and types. I had not much considered the manufacturing of fencing until I came across Siddall & Hilton. They specialise in industrial security fencing, mesh and wire products and, like the Anderton Boat Lift have a reputation stretching back to Victorian times - 1898 to be precise.

It's quite a range of clients that they cater for- as well as the more obvious area of security fencing for industrial estates, they make prison fences too, and for those of us on the outside can offer tips and products for garden fencing. They even make coat hangers for domestic use and and dry-cleaning businesses.

Please do have a look at my curation all this week at Northern Spirit's A Wondrous Place blog.


  1. Excellent b&w Chrissy, looks fab with the sun glancing off the mesh.. You're right I did read the wrong article on A WondrousPlace..have since read your article, was amazed to read that the Vegetarian Society has been around since 1847. I was a vegetarian for ten years before I had my children ..the healthiest I've ever been, not that I eat red meat now, but I do eat fish and chicken.. Have you always been a vegetarian?

  2. You are very talented, this picture is spectacular!Brilliant post!

  3. this is an outstanding piece of art !

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