Wednesday, 4 April 2012

ABC Wednesdays: L is for Lillian, 99 years since Suffragette protest

Today we visit the City Art gallery, built in MDCCCXXXVIII. It's 99 years and one day since suffragettes Annie Briggs, Evelyn Manesta and Lillian Forrester demonstrated at the Manchester City Art gallery (3 April 1913). It was part of the brave movement to achieve votes for women and another necessary step in the long - and ongoing- struggle to try and achieve gender equality in the UK.   

Lillian Forrester made a statement stating that “we broke the glass of some pictures as a protest but we did not intend to damage the pictures”. They had supporters in the gallery who unfurled a Votes for Women banner. The full history, or herstory, is at the ever excellent Radical Manchester blog.

If you haven't worked it what year MDCCCXXXVIII is in Roman numerals is, then highlight the space between here and the exclamation mark  1838 !

Linked to ABC Wednesdays , the Sesame Street of the blogging world. This week featuring the letter "L"...


  1. It seems these women did more than demonstrated! The levels we have to stoop to in order for our voices to be heard.

    I am glad I never had to write that date on a cheque!

  2. power to the noisy, uppity people!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Suffrage, in terms of women voting, seems to have been decided. But the Republican Party in the US, under the leadership of the Koch Brothers and other nogoodniks, are passing laws in our states to make voting more difficult which will impact the young, students, people of color, and women - older women without ID's.

    Furthermore, you perhaps have read of all the laws being passed in our Congress and in the states restricting women's rights to abortion, health care and even contraception.

    It's like a war has been provoked by a bunch of old, cranky white men afraid of women!

    Hopefully, the power of the old, cranky white men will come tumbling down in November!

  4. Sorry, I forgot to respond to your question on Ocala DP: Digital photography is wonderful in that sometimes you get effects you didn't plan. Yes, those clouds are real. They may look that way due to my bumping up the contrast. I like 'em, though!

    1. Yes I liked your clouds a lot too, agree with you about accidental digital effects ;-)

  5. Very interesting article dear Chrissy!

  6. llandudnopictures4 April 2012 at 15:34

    That's a lot of numerals! Great post.

  7. Great post and wonderful lighting on the building.

  8. Great L post....and a beautiful building! Marvelous light.

  9. Nice capture of light and contrasts against the lovely architecture.

  10. What a great picture and entry. Thank you as well for the exercise, ages since I've learned to read them at school. Please have a good Thursday.

  11. Great photo and here is an article about the event by Manchester historian Michael Herbert



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